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A journal is a place to write down thoughts, record life events,  examine dreams and frustrations, or just do a brain dump to clear your head.

It can be written words on paper or typed into a computer.

To find out the many benefits of journaling, check out Journal Tips.

And continue reading to find out how to start your own Discovery Journal.

How to Create Your Discovery Journal


Most blog posts on the Dream. Explore. Discover You website have worksheets, guides, and activities.  Use these to practice what you've learned from reading the article and implement them into your life.

Print out these pages and complete the work.  When finished, add it to your Discovery Journal binder.


When you sign up for notifications of new posts to Dream. Explore. Discover You, you'll get access to the Dream Life Toolkit   This is the free resource library full of the downloadable journal pages, prompts, worksheets, guides, and activities.

What you need

Journal binder with paper punch

Before you begin the activity pages, you'll need a place to store them.

Here's a simple supply list:

  • A binder
  • paper punch
  • a printer
  • printer paper 
  • colorful get pens 

Any type of binder will do.  I like 3-ring binders.  It's easy to pop pages in and out as you're working on them.  And you can add pages where ever you like!

I also like to use colorful gel pens.  It brings my journal to life.  And color makes me happy!

Dream. Explore. Discover You Topics

When you go into the Blog tab on the menu at the top of this page, you will find posts on many different topics. 

I have placed these topics in the following, alphabetized list so it is convenient to find what you're looking for. 

For example, if you'd like to work on bringing happiness into your life, look at the list for “Happiness”.  There you will find several posts dealing with that topic. 

The activity presented in the post is also listed. 

Click on the title of the post to take you to the article. 

Remember, you need to have a password to access all of the free resources and activities in the Dream Life Toolkit.  You get the password by signing up for email notifications!


Title: Achieve Your Greatness
Activity:  Download and hang up this poster filled with encouraging statements to give yourself a quick pick-me-up!

Title:  Write Powerful Affirmations
Activity: Practice writing and implementing your personal affirmations that work for you

Title:  Find Balance in Your Life: It’s About Time
Activity: Prioritizing what’s important to you w/ a weekly planner
Posters included

Title: Your Bucket List
Activity: 5 different bucket list sheets to choose from when listing your bucket list items

Title:  Be a Confident Woman
Activity:  Develop a confident vocabulary and practice the look of confidence.

Title:  How to Create Good Habits
Activity:  Creating good habits requires consistency.  Use the free daily and weekly planner attached to this guide.

Title:  Practice Gratitude
Activity:  Journal pages – includes calendar page, journal prompts, note page, and a word search!

Title:  8 Tips to be Happy
Activity: Happiness checklist, journal page and happiness calendar

Title: My Holiday Gift Guide
Activity: 8 great ideas for Holiday gifts for the woman in your life

Title:  Overcome Your Loneliness
Activity:  Includes an action planning page, journal page and step-by-step mindfulness walk.

Title:  Back to School Jitters
Activity: Help your little one get through to jitters they feel going back to school with these journal pages from them to talk about their feelings

Title:  Journaling Tips
Activity: There are 3 full pages of journal prompts to kickstart your writing when you feel blocked

Title:  Learn to Love Yourself
Activity:  Writing positive statements and tracking self-care

Title:  Mindfulness: Learn to Live in the Moment
Activity:  Learn to bring your attention back to the present and appreciate what life offers

Title: 13 Great November Activities
Activity: Budget and expense trackers, Christmas card list, and monthly calendar

Title:  Find Your Motivation to Change
Activity: Decide on a change, identify your goal, and write down the steps to take action

Title:  7 Ways to Overcome Your Procrastination
Activity:  Includes a checklist, goal-setting plan and a planner page

TITLE:  A Recipe for Success
Activity:  Craft your perfect New Year’s Eve Resolution using these 5 SMART steps