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Updated: 08/22/2022 – Have you tried using a positive affirmation to change your negative mindset?  If not, you’re missing out on a very useful, proven to work, tool. Here are some ideas on how to write powerful affirmations to recreate your life.

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I Believe in Affirmations

When I coach, my client’s plan always includes the creation of affirmations that she can use to incorporate into her daily routine. I believe that when she formulates a perfect statement, it can truly be life-changing.

Let’s talk about how to write powerful affirmations and how they work.

What is an Affirmation

Check the dictionary and you will find the act of affirming is to state as a fact; to assert strongly and publicly. 

An affirmation is emotional support or encouragement.

Affirmations, when used to assist in modifying behavior, are positive statements, created to aid in overcoming your negative, monkey mind thoughts, and limiting beliefs.

How Affirmations Work

When affirmations are repeated, over time the brain rewires, therefore changing our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

You see, the mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is not.  (Be patient, I’ll explain this statement.)

So, when you tell yourself something is true, your mind can, and will, accept it as such. 

And that’s how a positive affirmation can change your limiting belief and negativity.

Here’s an example

We are going to take a wonderful (imaginary) vacation to a sunny beach.

Close your eyes and imagine – no one else around, the sun is warm on your skin, the waves are gently lapping the beach, your toes are digging in the sand, and you see pelicans gracefully flying across the blue sky – at times dipping into the crystal-blue water. 

How are you feeling? 

Those thoughts (in your mind) are giving you emotions (those feelings).  They can include happiness, longing, melancholy, and sadness – a host of different-ranging emotions are possible.

Now, can you recall how you actually felt when you were on that best beach vacation ever?  Those feelings are probably the same!  Happiness when you were there, sadness when you left, along with a multitude of other emotions.

Your mind can’t tell the difference between memory and reality. It believes that you are really on that best vacation.

So now that you know this trick, you can take a vacation in your thoughts and get the same kind of happy feelings anytime you want!

Writing a Powerful Affirmation

So, let’s bring all we’ve learned into actually writing a powerful affirmation.

Is there something in your life that you grapple with that you would like to change?  Maybe how you feel about your appearance or your confidence level?

Do you think the same negative thoughts about yourself over and over again and now you accept it as the truth?

Believe me, you’re not alone! I do too!

Let me give you an example from my own experience.

I was never sure of myself because of my physical appearance.  I considered myself fat. 

My thought process was based on what I saw in the mirror, comparison to other girls, and what I could hear (or thought I heard) others saying about me.

Whether this was all real or not, it was what I believed; my reality.

This belief stayed with me for many years as I constantly reinforced it.

And even though I changed my habits to lose weight to become healthy, my negative thought patterns were so ingrained in my mind that I still, to this day, catch myself with those same old feelings.

Is this something that you can relate to?

Well, it’s time to do something about it! Let’s write powerful affirmations to recreate your life.

Start Here

Let’s begin to write powerful affirmations.

Write down a change you’d like to bring into your life. 

What are your thoughts about this change; the reasons you want to make the change? List all of those reasons and clearly examine and define each one. By taking a real close, honest look, you will come up with a stronger incentive to make your change.  

Next, consider the negative statements you use when thinking or talking about this issue and jot them down

Now come up with some statements that are the opposite – these are the beginnings of your new affirmation.  What can you say that will turn negativity into positivity?

When writing an affirmation, use these guidelines:

  • Make it personal – use I or me;
  • Stay in the present – write as though it’s already happening, not what you want to happen I the future,
  • Keep it positive – the use of words like not, never, and don’t isn’t allowed, and
  • Use emotion, be upbeat, and passionate.

Affirmation Examples

I believe in who I am!

I am beautiful inside and out!

Seizing opportunities that are presented to me without fear or doubt is what I do!

I am fearless!

I graciously accept compliments!

Of course, you may want your affirmation to be more targeted to what you’re working on. For example, weight loss. Instead of this negative statement, I am not fat, try:

  • I am healthy;
  • My healthy food choices make me feel and look great;
  • I enjoy working out because it makes me strong, or;
  • Staying in motion keeps me energized.

Please note the use of positive words such as healthy, strong, and energized.

In the second example, you could say that healthy food choices make you feel and look good. But feeling great takes your affirmation to the next level.

Remember to make your affirmations strong and upbeat!

How to Implement Your Affirmation

Write your affirmation down – We are very visual creatures. Seeing it and going through the act of writing it will solidify the thought in the mind.

Remember to state your affirmation throughout the day – It’s a good idea to keep them (in written form) next to your bed.  Get in the habit of repeating them when you first wake up.  Or you can use post-it notes and stick them on the bathroom mirror and throughout the house. Don’t forget to post them at your workstation as well to remind you to repeat them throughout the day.

Focus on your affirmations when you are stating them – Stay in the moment, and pay attention to the words and their meanings. Feel the message, rather than allowing your mind to wander. Visualize yourself, completely transformed.

Repeat your affirmation at least five times, three times a day. To be successful in changing your negative mindset, you must practice, practice, practice!

In order for the affirmation to be integrated into your life (as when incorporating a habit change), it will normally take anywhere from 21 to 30 days.  Just remember, be consistent in the number of times you say your affirmation in a day and the times of day that you say it.

Reward Yourself

When working on a goal, always set an end reward for yourself. It gives you an incentive to see your work through to the end.

Make it something that you really want. It doesn’t have to be big, just something that you will enjoy. How about dinner with a friend who helped you to succeed with your affirmation, go ahead and purchase the new book from your favorite author, or take a Saturday for just “me time”.

Your Affirmation Becomes Reality!

By following these guidelines, your affirmation becomes ingrained into your brain and becomes an automatic memory. 

Your powerful affirmations are ready to reinvent your life by rewiring your brain. You are now able to overcome your limited belief.

Affirmation worksheets
Write Powerful Affirmations worksheet

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