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Welcome to my world

I'm Cathy Fried.  Wife, mom, Nana, blogger, coach, volunteer, and avid crafter.

When I retired a few years ago, I had no plans for what to do next in life.  I knew that I wanted to stay active in my community and help others but didn't want to commit to anything that kept me on a tight schedule.

In my 30-year career as my community's District Judge,  I had the opportunity to work with many individuals and families struggling in life.  It was always satisfying when they successfully overcame difficult issues.

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I not only worked with individuals in my court, I also served in many community roles for 30+ years while volunteering for our local Domestic Violence Task Force, the community resource center, as support for families dealing with substance use, and guiding young women as a leader for Girl Scouts, to name a few.

In my continued quest to remain relevant and active,  I've turned to life coaching.  This is a perfect fit to add to my life experiences as well as my undergrad Psychology degree and Master's in Public Administration. 

Now, after completing numerous life coaching certification courses, I've been helping women who are looking to overcome difficult aspects in life to move on to their life purpose.

Life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who help others succeed.
-Shane Parrish

Life Coaching

Coaching women to find purpose

While traditional life coaching is done face-to-face, in person, or via live video feed, I've taken a different approach.

I'm using my blog, Dream. Explore. Discover You, to write about personal improvements, self-care, and setting goals to reach life purpose using coaching tools.

You decide what issue you want to work on, which resources to use, and you get the added bonus of working at your own pace.  There's no time limit!

Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

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Life Coaches are not licensed healthcare providers or therapists.  I do not provide medical advice, engage in patient diagnosis or practice therapy.  I do not treat or otherwise counsel those with mental illness.

My role as a Life Coach is to encourage, coach, and/or act as a facilitator of a client's self-reflection, decision-making, planning for the future, and creating life changes. 

As a Life Coach, I do not provide legal advice.

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