Reach Your Fullest Potential: 5 Ways to Take on a Challenge with Confidence

Updated: 09/14/2022 – When you take on a challenge, do you reach your fullest potential? Here are 5 ideas on how to do this with confidence.

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Comfort Zones

We all love to stay within our comfort zone. It’s easy; it’s recognizable; and yes, it’s comfortable.

So when a challenge comes along, especially those that take us out of our “normal”, we get nervous.

Why is that?

There can be many reasons:

  • Lack of confidence in your abilities
  • Someone might ridicule or make you feel silly
  • Too afraid to try
  • You could fail!

What if you decide to pass on an opportunity? Is it a big deal?

Probably not if the result would have been for a fleeting, feel-good kind of moment.

But it could be a big deal if the challenge that was passed up had the potential to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change your life for the best.

Taking on a Challenge

Challenges test our abilities.

They can be small – like changing our eating habits. Or they can be monumental – like relocating our family to another country.

No matter how small or big a challenge is, each of us would handle them differently.

To some, changing eating habits to lose 10 pounds, itn’t much of a challenge. Eating a smaller portion or giving up sweets is rather easy. But others find it very difficult to push away a piece of cake.

Imagine you have the opportunity to take a dream job on a tropical island. Your work-from-home office has a view of the beach, great schools for the kids, and steps away to a wonderful, vibrant, downtown.

Would you take it?

What are some of the excuses you would make to not take it?

Or are you on the next flight out to your new life?

Some of these things don’t sound too scary or far-fetched; some do.

But why are many of us not successful in taking on challenges?

Why can’t we all be adventurous?

How can we expect to reach our fullest potential this way?

My Life Plan to Reach My Fullest Potential

From the time I was five years old, I wanted to be a nurse. I took every science course offered in high school and was a good student. While in school, I worked part-time as a nurse’s assistant in a local assisted living community.

When I was accepted into my first choice of nursing school programs, it was for the following year after high school graduation. This meant that I would be working for a year before continuing on with my education.

During that year off, I got engaged and put my career ambitions on the back burner. And I started a family.

My goal of becoming a nurse faded as time went on.

I easily gave up on my dream to become a nurse. The challenge of moving away to school and taking on debt was more daunting than becoming a wife and mother at the age of 20.

My New Challenges; Growing Confidence

A few years later we moved our family 1 1/2 hours away from our hometown and had our third child.

That move changed me. I became more independent because I didn’t have family and friends living close by to lean on.

And because of that independence, my confidence grew.

Within five years from that move, I ran for my first election to be a local judge. I won the election and held that job for thirty years.

During those years, I went to college and, at 52 years old, I graduated with my master’s degree in Public Administration.

Throughout my life I rose to many challenges and found new confidence. But that doesn’t mean that I’m done yet!

Challenges Will Change Your Life

It’s funny how life changes constantly. Being put into new surroundings, a new job, among new people or into a new situation can really wreak havoc.

But it doesn’t have to.

Accept those challenges and new opportunities.

Become more confident in your ability to adjust.

Remember, even if you fail in your attempt, accept the failure, learn from the experience and move on.

And, chances are good that you will be successful many more times than not!

But one thing’s for sure, challenges will change your life.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

= Fred Devito

5 Ways to Take on Challenges With Confidence

Reach your fullest potential. Here are 5 ways to be successful by taking on a challenge with confidence.


Goal setting should be something that you do daily as well as long term.

Does your week get away from you? As life gets busy, it’s easy to let things slide or they’re just forgotten. A daily and weekly planner can help. With a plan in place, you are more apt to reach goals. And as you check them off your list, you have a feeling of accomplishment.

The long-range goals may be a bit more difficult.

What are yours?

  • Career advancement?
  • Finish your education?
  • Move to a new school district for a better education for your children.
  • To get healthy?

Here’s what to do: Just start planning.

If you are looking to buy a house in the future, sign up to receive frequent emails about new houses coming onto the market. Monitor house prices. Keep an eye on interest rates and get in contact with a good realtor who can guide you in the process.

If you’re looking to complete your degree, schedule a meeting with the college of your choice to investigate what financial options are available.

Online courses may be a better option to fit in with your lifestyle. Start doing online searches to find what’s available.

If getting healthy is your goal, there are many programs, both online and in person, that can assist with healthy lifestyle changes. If paying for one is not in your budget, check out free apps such as myfitnesspal.

For every “yeah, but…” that you have, there is a solution.


Learn to recognize an opportunity. You may see it in an advertisement, overhear something in the grocery store or find something of interest on social media. If it piques your curiosity, dig deeper. You never know where it will take you.

And even if the opportunity seems beyond your reach, or too much of a challenge, what have you got to lose by taking some time to look into it a little further?

While you’re doing your research to decide if you want to take on the challenge, envision the end result.

Weigh out pros and cons. Actually, make a list.

Next, if the pros outweigh the cons, start writing down the steps that you will have to take to reach your goal.

When finished, you may be surprised that the opportunity that you initially thought was too much of a challenge, really is attainable.

So now that you have wittled the challenge down, stay focused, and persevere.

It may not always be easy, but it will be worth it.

One of my favorite sayings comes from Andrew Carnegie who said, “Anything worth having in life is worth working for”.

It may not come easy, but it will be worth it in the end.

Besides, how do you know unless you try?


I think you know what I mean about being a wuss.

Have you ever been offered a challenge and you completely chickened out?

My husband and I celebrated my 50th birthday on a Hawaiian cruise. During a side trip, we kayaked and then hiked to a waterfall. On the way down the trail, there was a rope hanging from a tree. The guide said it was safe to swing and release into a deep pool of water. I’d done this when I was a kid – but not as a 50-year-old. While everyone in the group had fun swinging into the refreshing water, I lost my nerve and stood on the side watching – sweating. Yes, it was a bit embarrassing.

What I’m trying to say is to just step out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge to reach your fullest potential. No matter how big or small. Accomplishment is a great feeling!


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger sings Kelly Clarkson – you know the song, right?

No one has ever died of embarrassment. So don’t ever back down from a challenge just because someone opposes you or throws you a curve ball.

I was 29 years old when I first ran for public office. I remember being at a political function with the leaders of the local political party. As I was going around introducing myself, I was stopped by an older women. She asked, in a very snarky and loud voice, why I would want to run for this job. She said that I was too young and should stay at home with my children.

The room got very quiet and I’m sure that my face was beet red as I wasn’t expecting open hostility. My response was brief and I made a quick exit.

It didn’t take me long to regroup and begin campaigning again, even more vigorously than before, just to show her, and others with the same mentality, that I could do this.

And I won that election!


We accomplish so much more when we have a positive attitude.

Tell yourself repeatedly, I Can Do This. Push the negativity aside and focus.

When we can concentrate on what we are doing in a positive way, and not let the outside noise be a distraction, we are more apt to be successful.

To help you along to be even more successful, practice writing and using affirmations to get where you want to be. Check out Writing Powerful Affirmations for some hints.

Take on That Challenge to Reach Your Fullest Potential

Did you see the quote earlier in this post? “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Our life’s challenges – those we win, those that alter our paths and even those we choose to not accept – really do affect who we are as individuals.

I hope that what you’ve just read will wake you up to all of the possibilities out there to reach your fullest potential. Grab the next challenge that comes your way. You don’t want to have regrets because you chose to take the easy road through life.

The only way to reach your fullest potential, really is to take on challenges.

I will leave you with this – Recently, 21-year-old Joseph Allen appeared on America’s Got Talent and talked about how he takes on challenges. You have got to watch his audition!! You will be inspired to take on the next challenge that comes your way.

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