10 Superpowers You Possess

Updated 09/02/2022 – Superheroes have awesome powers.  Some have the ability to become invisible; some are super strong; and still, others have X-ray vision. How cool would that be?  Have you ever wished for some unbelievable power? What you may not realize, as a mere mortal, is that there are 10 Superpowers you possess!

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Kindness is the first of the 10 Superpowers you possess.

For most, a kind gesture occurs without even a thought; others can go through life without any consideration for others (which is quite sad).

Recently, My daughter placed an order for coffee at the Dunkin‘ drive thru. When she got to the checkout window to pay, the cashier told that the driver ahead of her had taken care of her bill.  That little act of kindness was the highlight of my daughter’s workday!

Pay attention to the little things that happen around you. Reach out to help someone, even if it is to hold the door for someone or picking up a fallen napkin in a restaurant. And remember to smile at the person you are helping. It could be the kindest thing that happens to them all day or even all week!

To Make a Difference

As parents, we try every day to do what’s best to make a difference for our children and family.  But beyond that, what difference do you make for others?  Do you use this superpower on a regular basis?

The Morehouse College 2019 graduating class had a huge surprise at their commencement this year. The speaker, Robert F. Smith, a self-made billionaire, announced that his family is establishing a grant to pay off the college loans of every graduating student! Imagine what those grads felt at the moment they heard that!

Most of us can’t afford to make such an extravagant gesture. But, if you can, drop off a box of pasta and a jar of sauce for a needy family at the local food bank. It could mean the difference between having a hot meal at dinner or going to bed hungry.


THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU.  As much as you try to blend in, go along with the crowd or even imitate someone else’s sense of style and personality, there will always be something to set you apart. 

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Coco Chanel

So let’s think about it this way.

How many actors, singers, or TV personalities can you name? And why are you familiar with them?

Let’s talk about Simon Cowell. He gained notoriety in the U.S. as a sarcastic, sometimes mean and very critical TV judge, first on American Idol and currently on America’s Got Talent. Contestants fear him but are thrilled when they receive his approval.  He is successful, exudes confidence and marches to the beat of his own drummer.  Definitely, only one of him which makes him quite unique!

Well-known people showcase their uniqueness – they do things to get noticed, to stand out.

Each of us owns this superpower. What’s holding you back? Express your creativity, highlight your positives, do things that make you stand out, and don’t be afraid to shine!

Being Unique. Who knew? Another of the 10 Superpowers you possess!


Life is full of choices. They may be small ones such as what to have for lunch. Or a huge choice in where to live.

I recently attended a program entitled Choices, an educational session offered at schools for students and community members. The facilitator is Ron James whose life is depicted in the movie entitled Choices. Ron talks about his life of drugs and crime which led to 25 years of incarceration. He is very open about the bad choices that he’s made and tries to convince the audience to not go down the same destructive path. His choice now is to live drug-free!

Every one of us has had to make choices – some of which are sometimes not easy.

Choices can change your life:

  • Should I start a business;
  • which college should I attend;
  • when will I have enough money to retire?

These questions require much thought and planning.

When deciding, write down the pros and cons, and weigh out all options. You can even ask someone for their opinion.

And only make your decision after careful, thoughtful deliberation.


When I was going through my divorce, I felt broken.  I counseled for a year which was extremely helpful. 

I remember a few sessions in particular where we discussed others wanting me to change – I was outgoing where I should be demure; bossy when I thought I was being decisive, and the list went on.  My counselor sat and listened while I opined about my life – I couldn’t be who (I felt) everyone wanted me to be.  She then asked me a simple question, “Do you think you should change?”  That gave me pause. 

I wasted so much time allowing others to make me doubt who I was!

Stop and think about that. Have you ever given someone else that power?

That was the first time in my adult life that I inventoried the things that I liked about myself and began to work on the changes that I wanted to make.

Change is not easy

Change is uncomfortable. Many times change is not easy. Some folks make excuses and develop roadblocks to inhibit a necessary change.

Is there something stopping you from making changes?

Remember, you have the power. Put on your cape and start the journey to make the changes that you want in your life.

Isn’t it great how this works?


We have the ability to convince others to follow us, to persuade others that one course of action is better than another, or to argue a fact to win others over to our side.

Something as simple as a teacher asking her students to take their seats may not sound like persuasion.  But the students know that if they don’t sit, the teacher cannot begin teaching and, more than likely, there will be some type of penalty. (maybe a visit to the Principal’s office?)

Watching TV, playing a game on the Internet or listening to the radio involves persuasion.  Do you know why? Advertisements!  They are designed to persuade you to buy their soda, to think that their car performs the best, or that an organization can’t do their work without your donation.

The power of persuasion is in constant play every day

But think about this…those who do it best usually become the leaders.

Should you take some time to hone your persuasion abilities?

Learn from your Mistakes

Guess what? We make mistakes!  Yes.  We all do.  But we have the superpower to learn from them. 

A child touches a hot stove out of curiosity. What are the chances that will happen again?

As a judge (now retired), I heard many cases where drivers pulled out in front of another car and got hit. Most times the crash resulted from not stopping at a Stop sign or not seeing that another car was close to the intersection.

Many of these type of crashed are caused by distracted drivers. Many of the speeding citations were given to people who were distracted.

Most of those drivers never got another citation, mainly because they learned for their mistake.

When you make a mistake, if it calls for an apology, apologize.

Then take the time to think about how it occurred and take steps to make sure that it never happens again.

And then move on.


We also have the ability to forgive.  As difficult as it may be sometimes, it is possible.  Particularly when we are dealing with a loved one.

There were so many times in my courtroom where I dealt with young people having fights.

Oftentimes it would start with a name-calling incident, quickly escalate to a shoving match and then into a full-blown physical altercation. Someone would break it up and call the police. The police would decide that both involved were equally at fault so each got a citation. By the time the court date rolled around, the kids had gotten together, resolved their issues, forgiven each other and were back to being best friends again.

If you’ve been wronged, you always have the option to forgive. But what happens when you just can’t bring yourself to forgive? Let it go and move on. You could become bitter if you don’t and bitter is unhealthy.

Forgiveness, particularly when applied to our close relationships, is healing and gives us a second chance. One of the most beautiful of the 10 superpowers you possess.


We all know that humans cannot live and thrive without love. Those of us who have or have had a child in our lives understand unconditional love.

Sometimes love is fleeting. And sometimes love hurts when our heart is broken after a relationship falls apart.

Love feels differently depending on the situation. Loving my family brings me joy, a sense of wellbeing and completeness. But I also love to craft, shop, read and spend time with friends.

I grew up in a family where no one ever said: “I love you”. But our children grew up hearing it every day. And when they started telling their grandparents that they loved them, my parents reciprocated.

It’s important to tell your loved ones, and also show them, that you love them. If you’re fortunate enough to have grandparents, call them frequently. Text your college friends to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Bring your elderly neighbor a bouquet of freshly cut flowers from the garden.

Showing love and feeling loved gives such a warm feeling. This may be our greatest of the 10 Superpowers you possess!


You’ve watched children play, right? They giggle and laugh, run and jump, and constantly chatter with their friends. But as they grow, they lose their carefree ways. Isn’t that sad?

Take time to have fun. Invite a friend to lunch, take a painting class or just go for a walk. These are great mood busters when having a bad day.

Being Unhappy

We all know someone who seems to walk around under a dark cloud. There could be a medical reason for that.

My daughter worked for a number of years in a county correctional facility. It was very rare that she would be able to get outdoors or even sit by a window for access to sunshine during the workday. She would get depressed as the fall days brought shorter daylight hours. By the middle of winter, she was constantly moody. We found out that she suffers from light deprivation or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Fortunately, there are things that can help such as exercise and using bright artificial lighting. But, if you experience these types of symptoms, talk with your doctor.

We are in charge of our own happiness; do not expect others to make us happy. Just as you are not responsible for others’ happiness.

If you’d like to be happier, read “8 Tips to be Happy” for some ideas on how to bring happiness into your life.

Additional Superpowers

After reading my list, I hope that you take away a newfound appreciation of your ability to make life, yours and others, so much better. Just by paying attention to even the smallest details and maybe taking that little extra step, you can make such a difference!

Are there any more superpowers that you would add to this list?

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